When purchasing a small character printer, there is no doubt that the price of the printer is the primary concern. Whether the price of the printer is reasonable, mainly depends on the function, material and after-sales service of the printer. As a purchaser, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the relevant factors such as the price of the printer.

The quality of the printer. Including the quality of various accessories (such as pumps, solenoid valves, nozzles, nozzles), the service life of the accessories and the use of the accessories, and the functional configuration, such as whether there is variable QR code printing function, data communication Function, etc., high-quality inkjet printers, from the quality of the accessories and the perfection of the functions, are the ultimate, the price of the printer will naturally be higher than that of other similar models.

Printer brand. Brand power is an intangible asset. The greater significance of the printer brand is the recognition of the printer users by the printer. The choice of printer brand is particularly important.

After-sales service of inkjet printer. Whether it is the printer manufacturer or agent or business, after-sales maintenance and repair service is very important, good after-sales service is the precondition for ensuring stable production of enterprise users, guarantee of after-sales time, is a kind of label equipment supplier Responsibility and obligations reflect the attitude of solving problems for users. Therefore, when purchasing a printer, after-sales service also requires important aspects that the user actually considers.


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