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Machine tools are used in drilling metals, plastics or any bar objects. To draft specific designs on the metal, a different kind of machine tool is to be used. Hence there are many varieties of machine tools; there should be a specific CNC Holders to be used in these machine tools such as CAT 30 , CAT 40 , BT 30 , BT 40 , CAT 50 , BT 50, HSK 40 , HSK 63, HSK 100 and CAPTO style Tool holders. By taking this in to our account, Uratech USA Inc manufacturers CNC Tool carts for all the above mentioned CNC Holders. You can place an order through phone Ph: 716 949 4237 or email-Info@Uratechusa.com or shop online at www.Uratechusa.com. You can also visit us at Buffalo, New York office to understand in details about the products which suits your specific needs.


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