Nowadays, the application of identification technology is gradually deepening into every corner, especially in the industrial application, the application complexity is greatly increased, making the identification an indispensable part of the production in various industries.Wuhan Raymond offers a full range of solutions for all types of printers.

With our progress, we have more and more potential and characteristics in the coding and marking equipment. The advantages of Wuhan Raymond inkjet printer are as follows:

1) Conducive to product identification. By labeling the product with special logos, brand names and logo patterns, the products can stand out from the competition and increase the brand's popularity.

2) The need for product tracking records. The batch number, shift or production date of the product is directly printed on the product, so that each product has good traceability, which greatly facilitates the quality management of the enterprise and the regional management of the product.

3) Prevent counterfeiting. Manufacturers can often prevent and suppress counterfeiting by identifying products, and the application of new technologies enables those legitimate manufacturers to stay ahead of counterfeiters.

4)Increase the added value of the product. Marking a trademark or manufacturer's name on a plastic pipe means a commitment that consumers generally consider to be a product of a company with a consistent quality tracking and product quality.

Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. It is used in many industries such as food, beverage, building materials, wire and cable, medicine, chemical, electronics, etc. Therefore, it is especially important to choose the most suitable printer for the product category.
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