Small inkjet printer, also known as dot matrix printer. The small character inkjet printer uses a continuous ink supply technology, that is, a coding device of CIJ technology.

1. Breakthrough inkjet coding technology, compared with similar products, easy to code inkjet printer has unparalleled superiority!
2. Sealed nozzle design - strong and reliable;
3. Optimized design of the print head-integrated sealed print head, no manual adjustment is necessary; shorten the flying path of the ink droplets, the printing effect is better;
4. Deep-drawn, streamlined stainless steel housing - sturdy and easy to rinse;
5. Using ink dot measurement speed automatic control technology to automatically control ink viscosity - no mechanical measuring device required; consistent printing effect; can operate in a wide temperature range.
6. Desktop Installation - It is very convenient when you need mobile devices on the production line.
7. Ergonomic keyboard and display - easy to operate;
8. Single button start and shutdown, standard QWERTY keyboard - easy to operate;
9. Automatic cleaning - Ensure that the printer can start up smoothly after a long time shutdown (it can still start normally after shutting down for one month);
10. Can perform ink/solvent addition while printing - saving time and convenience;
11. Smooth clamshell design, IP55 protection standard - can work more reliably in different production environments;
12. It is not necessary to open the printer cover during daily operation - to prevent human interference and damage to electrical components in the machine;
13. No mistakes, no staining around the ink / solvent addition system design - user-friendly design, very easy to operate.


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