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Love writing short stories? I do too, mainly because they’re short. I can get an idea, start writing, and can complete the story in just a few hours. However, as well as being fun and easy to write, short fiction has another benefit. It sells. I’m amazed at how few authors realize this. Short stories: […]

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When you’re writing fiction, what comes first? Your characters, or your plot? No, this isn’t a trick question. For me, the seed of a plot usually arrives first, then the characters arrive. Other authors create their characters, then kickstart them into a plot. Sometimes my “seed of a plot” strategy doesn’t work. For example, a […]

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What is it with Kindle Unlimited (KU)? For a while there, Amazon took serious action to take out the trash. Not surprisingly however, because of the serious money involved, the bad actors are back. It’s obvious that for anyone with a bent mind, KU has many opportunities to con readers, and steal from Amazon, as […]

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Authors love writing. Promotion, not so much. If the idea of book marketing makes you cringe, relax. Here’s a vital tip. Promote your way; a way that’s fun for you. If you don’t make it fun, you’ll avoid it, which is a tragedy for your books, because they won’t get the exposure that they deserve. […]

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Generally speaking, when it comes to plotting fiction, novelists comprise two major groups: the plotters, and the pantsers. “Pantsers” are those authors who write by the seat of their pants, trusting their intuition and creativity to provide characters, scenes, and words. Which group do you belong to? Does it matter? It matters, because the more […]

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