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1. Experience – When you are looking for an advocate, it’s crucial to know the knowledge he holds in solving the cases and for how long he has been in the business. An experienced advocate has handled numerous cases in the past with a maximum number of wins. He must know all the loopholes in the law system for changing the pattern of the case.

2. Types – There are many types of lawyers available. It is advisable for you to go for a expert advocate who specialises in your type of case. These cases may be violence, cheating, legal contract, family dispute, property claim, bankruptcy, s
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hareholder, etc.

3. Client – The credibility of the lawyer is judged by their vast clientele base. You can take a look at the cases they have handled in the past to find out his actual worth. If he/she has a substantial number of satisfied customers, you can hire him for your case.

4. Availability – Chose an advocate who is available for your case and listen to you. He must devote time and effort in your case for the best outcomes.