An outstanding South Australian boxer could have been wearing the green and gold at the Paris Olympics if it wasn’t for the state’s laws against same-sex couples adopting children before 2017.

Lightweight prodigy Fred Zziwa, 26, has become one of the most feared boxers in the country due to his speed and power, and the Uganda-born athlete planned to showcase his skills at the 2024 Olympics in July.

However, Zziwa’s adoptive Aussie mother, Melina Mayne, is a lesbian and legislation in South Australia before 2017 prevented same sex couples from legally adopting.

Zziwa was forced to get a series of temporary visas while living in Victor Harbour, South Australia, and because of the delay in adoption he hasn’t been able to get citizenship and cannot qualify for the Paris Games.

Lightweight prodigy Fred Zziwa (left) will not represent Australia at Paris in July due to laws in South Australia that prevented same-sex couples from adopting

Zziwa’s adoptive Aussie mother Melina Mayne (pictured together) is a lesbian and was unable to adopt him due to an archaic law

‘That is the tragedy for him and for Australia, he’s been robbed of going to the Olympics,’ Mayne told News Corp.

‘Had the same-sex adoption laws been amended even a year earlier, I would have adopted Fred and he would have had his citizenship and he would have been going to Paris.

‘But I am just so proud of what he’s been able to achieve despite the challenges; the nutritional challenges he had as a child, the educational battles, and the mental hurdles he had to overcome when we were fighting for visas.’

Zziwa, who has since turned professional, has wins in the amateurs against several active Australian champions in multiple weight divisions – a feat rarely seen in the sport.

His biggest problem as a professional is trying to find somebody who will step in the ring with him. 

Zziwa’s former coach in South Australia, Mark Nethercott, said: ‘He clearly has more power than anyone in the division in the country. Here is more info in regards to Porn review our own web site.  

‘That’s why everyone is avoiding him.

‘He also has a high boxing IQ, able to make adjustments quickly in order to figure his opponents out.’

The fearsome lightweight now has since sights on winning a world title

Zziwa has since moved to NSW to be trained by top coach Joel Keegan, and now has his sights set on beating the very best in his field.

‘I have a dream to be world champion, and I won’t stop until I am there,’ he said.

‘And one day, there will be a statue of me in Victor Harbour. I have already spoken to the council about this, you will see that statue of me.’

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