ValvesOnly is one of the premium Thermal Safety Valve Manufacturers in USA, serving regions all over the world. The thermal safety valve is a vital component designed to prevent excessive pressure in closed systems caused by the heat expansion of liquids. Its critical function ensures that even with temperature increases, the liquid’s volume change remains within acceptable limits, prioritising system safety.

What is a Thermal Safety Valve?

A Thermal Safety Valve (also known as a thermal relief valve, temperature relief valve, or thermal expansion relief valve) is a crucial safety device used in liquid piping and pipeline systems. Its primary function is to protect equipment and the system itself from damage caused by thermal expansion and excessive pressure.

Working of a Thermal Safety Valve:

Thermal Expansion and Pressure: When a liquid within a closed system experiences thermal expansion due to an increase in temperature, it occupies more space. This expansion can lead to excessive pressure inside the system.

Pressure Relief Mechanism: The thermal safety valve is designed to open when the pressure exceeds an acceptable limit. By doing so, it releases some fluid, effectively bringing down the pressure to a safe level.

Design Considerations: These valves are relatively small, with common sizes being (1″x1″) or (¾”x1″) and flanged ends. Depending on design code requirements, a lifting device may or may not be necessary.

Containment: Since thermal relief valves are not vented directly to the environment, it is better to have some form of containment to manage the released fluid.


  • Valve Body
  • Spring-loaded Mechanism
  • Temperature Sensing Element
  • Valve Seat
  • Valve Disk or Plug
  • Adjustment Mechanism
  • Inlet and Outlet Ports


  • Overheat Protection
  • Equipment and System Safety
  • Reduced Risk of Explosions
  • Environmental Protection
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Equipment Longevity
  • Process Efficiency
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Reliability
  • Minimized Maintenance Costs
  • Enhanced Operational Safety
  • Quick Response Time
  • Versatility in Various Applications

As, Thermal Safety Valve Manufacturers in USA ,we serve industrial like:

  • Chemical Industry: Utilizes thermal safety valves to ensure controlled pressure and prevent overheating in various chemical processes.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Relies on thermal safety valves to maintain safe temperature and pressure conditions in extraction, refining, and distribution processes.
  • Power Generation: Critical in power plants to safeguard equipment and systems by controlling temperature and pressure levels.
  • Petrochemical Industry: Essential for preventing excessive pressure and ensuring safety in the production and processing of petrochemicals.
  • Refining Industry: Utilizes thermal safety valves to regulate pressure and temperature in refining processes, ensuring operational safety.
  • Manufacturing Industry: Ensures the safety of manufacturing processes by utilizing thermal safety valves for pressure control.
  • Steam Boilers and Pressure Vessels: Crucial in steam systems and vessels to prevent overpressure, ensuring safe and efficient operation.
  • Aerospace Industry: Critical for maintaining controlled pressure and preventing overheating in aerospace applications, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: Utilizes thermal safety valves in manufacturing processes to control pressure and maintain safety standards.
  • Textile Industry: Ensures the safety of textile manufacturing processes by using thermal safety valves for pressure management.
  • Paper and Pulp Industry: Critical in paper and pulp processing to control pressure and prevent overheating, ensuring operational safety.
  • Marine Industry: Essential for controlling pressure in shipboard systems and preventing overheating.
  • HVAC Systems: Used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to manage pressure and ensure safety.

Thermal safety valves are integral components in a wide range of industries, providing essential protection against overpressure and overheating, ensuring the safety and efficiency of various processes and equipment.


1. Body material: Cast iron, cast steel (WCB, WCC, LCC, LCB, WC6, WC9), Ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel (SS316, SS304, CF8).

2. Class: 150 – 2500, PN10-PN450

3. Size: ½” – 40”

4. Ends: Socket weld, butt weld, flanged, threaded.

5. Operation: Handwheel, Gear operated, Electric Actuated, and Pneumatic Actuated.

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